Saturday 28 July 2012

A new bike path?

The People's Cycling Front is forwarding a statement issued by a representative of the Bristol Cycling Campaign, in which he, Terry Miller, announces that there will be a new bike path opening today, Saturday July 28:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Terry Miller
Subject:  Opening of new path in South Gloucestershire

Work parties have been working on the Coxcrove Hill to M4 stretch since Monday 23rd July.
The surface is machine rolled "stone dust".
I have been privileged to assist John Grimshaw, local residents from Pucklechurch other volunteers (& local contractors operating heavy machinery) for part of the week.
At the end of Thursday & Friday work was "on schedule".
The final working party for this stretch commences 10.00 Saturday 28 July ready for the opening ceremony at 13.30.
John Grimshaw is on Radio Bristol on Saturday 28 July around 08.20.

Working parties for the next stretch (north from M4) are expected from Monday 6th August from 15.00 to 19.00 (weather permitting).

The surface does not sound great -but it is exactly what the Pucklechurch branch of the railway path had before S Gloucs council and the West of England Partnership put a dual carriageway over it. The fact that John Grimshaw and Terry Miller were involved bodes well, while the engagement of the local residents may mean that it is welcomed more than a bike path goes down in Filton.

We can not confirm or deny the attendance of any representatives of the People's Cycling Front at the event. 

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