Saturday 19 May 2012

cities shit for walking. S gloucs. And their legal system

Bradley Stoke way is in S. Gloucs, the main through route through Bradley Stoke, a residential area.

And what happened there: someone drove into an 11 year old boy doing 67 mph in the 30mph zone.

Punishment: a fine, a suspended sentence and a 12 month driving ban.

The judge said ""I accept that you are fully remorseful about the speed of your driving and the consequences of it."This was not a case where any injury was intended by you.""

This is fucking bollocks and it shows how fat and lazy car driving judges are fucking spokespeople for the association of British Drivers.

  1. The fuckwit was driving at twice the fucking speed limit in a residential. What more fucking intent to cause injury can you have. Maybe you could do that in a motorway -but in a residential area? Nobody crossing the road expects cars doing 70mph to come through.
  2. What fucking excuse is it "late for a meeting". Either set of early  or be late. Not drive at 70 mph through the suburbs.
  3. What fucking judge says "you didn't mean it"
Driving at 70 mph through a city and hitting someone should be treated as attempted manslaughter. You make a decision to drive that dangerously, you get to live the consequences.