Saturday 19 May 2012

cities shit for walking. S gloucs. And their legal system

Bradley Stoke way is in S. Gloucs, the main through route through Bradley Stoke, a residential area.

And what happened there: someone drove into an 11 year old boy doing 67 mph in the 30mph zone.

Punishment: a fine, a suspended sentence and a 12 month driving ban.

The judge said ""I accept that you are fully remorseful about the speed of your driving and the consequences of it."This was not a case where any injury was intended by you.""

This is fucking bollocks and it shows how fat and lazy car driving judges are fucking spokespeople for the association of British Drivers.

  1. The fuckwit was driving at twice the fucking speed limit in a residential. What more fucking intent to cause injury can you have. Maybe you could do that in a motorway -but in a residential area? Nobody crossing the road expects cars doing 70mph to come through.
  2. What fucking excuse is it "late for a meeting". Either set of early  or be late. Not drive at 70 mph through the suburbs.
  3. What fucking judge says "you didn't mean it"
Driving at 70 mph through a city and hitting someone should be treated as attempted manslaughter. You make a decision to drive that dangerously, you get to live the consequences.


  1. Well put, you're understandably angry about the lenient sentence. I feel that if I walked the streets wielding a machete the judge wouldn't be quite so forgiving, even if I hadn't touched anyone with it.

    There's another recent example of leniency on deadly driving, on the same site:

  2. Hear hear from me too. This is disgraceful but another on the every growing list that proves you can get away with murder (or attempted murder) as long as you are in a car.

    The local rag reports that the 11 year old was on a bike and not walking. You simply must be able to allow children to walk/ride and live in residential areas without risk of death or serious injury in this way.

  3. Let's try changing a few words in the article and see what happens. Does this sound like a believable outcome?

    A Stanton Drew man has been handed a 12-month suspended sentence, ordered to carry out 150 hours of community service and pay £850 court costs.

    Talented footballer Freddy Holmes, 11, was left with deep cuts in his torso and right arm, and needed skin and tissue grafts from his back and left thigh after he was injured by James Smith, a talented circus performer who was practising his knife juggling act in Bristol, as he rushed to attend a meeting for which he was late.

    Bristol Crown Court heard Smith was racked with remorse after losing control of his knives while descending an escalator and repeatedly stabbing Freddy as he returned home from shopping on Bradley Stoke Way.

    Smith, 44, of Stanton Drew, pled guilty in February last year.

    Judge George Perry-Jones gave him a 12-month jail term, suspended for two years, with 150 hours of unpaid work and £850 court costs.

    The judge told Smith: "You were practising your circus act a busy shopping precinct. Your knives had a disastrous effect on Freddy. He was injured seriously and will have ongoing further surgery.

    "I accept that you are fully remorseful about stabbing him repeatedly and the consequences of it.

    "This was not a case where any injury was intended by you."

  4. Agreed,

    Disgraceful presiding by Judge Simon Darwall-Smith. Malicious tweeting 6 months in jail, actually running a boy over, quite deliberately and poor unfortunate Daniel Wooler walks away. When will the courts get serious?

  5. The latest in a long-line of shocking sentencing decisions. I can well imagine the Judge (and most of the Jury) sitting there thinking "I speed, we all speed, it could happen to any of us".

    Get behind the wheel and you in your hands you hold a potentially lethal weapon. If you do kill or injure someone you should face the consequences. Time for justice:

  6. I thought Bradley Stoke was full of speed bumps? I don't live in Bradley Stoke as from yet but from what I can see (Moving over to Bradley stoke soon) it is speed bump heaven... I could be wrong but how can someone do 67mph without damaging their car?

    From my point of view the guy has got a heavy fine for even being remorseful! I have seen worse case scenarios where people who aren’t remorseful at all get away scott free.

    Every human makes mistakes.

  7. Bradley Stoke Way is a regular racing track, drivers sticking to the speed limits can expect to be tailgated and bullied to drive faster by impatient drivers in a hurry to reach the M5, cyclists can expect to be passed at speed with little consideration for their needs. Recently a new crossing was installed and a 30mph limit introduced at this point to slow motorists down, few motorists pay attention to this limit, they drive as if this speed limit never existed, and so far I have never seen any enforcement of the speed limit here.