Tuesday 24 April 2012

Selfish, ignorant, dangerous

Taking a quick break from slagging off S Gloucs, let's look at Bath.

The A4 sucks. It sucks for cars, as you have to drive down it to get from the A46 Batheaston bypass to the A36 or use that cars-only back route. All the HGVs and heavy traffic go down the A4. Eastbound, enough space for a segregated route, only there are enough parked cars to stop it being a good unsegregated route, let alone something safe. As cars approach the roundabout to get to the A46 & Motorway, they pick up speed and things get worse

Eastbound, equally shit, except the traffic jam makes it slightly easier.

And look, just near the Bathwick Street Bridge -a proper off road bike lane!

Except without some way to keep lazy selfish wankers out of it

Wankers, plural
Why park here? Its where they can park without "inconveniencing" anyone, the bollards keep the cyclists away from the pedestrians, but to fuck all to stop cars. And the council doesn't give a toss either


  1. Far from not giving a toss the Council seems to have designed it this way. If you look closely the letters by the kerb say "loading only" and every other bollard has a "loading bay" sign. Yes, it is a combined loading bay/cycle path! An excellent combination.

    3 cheers for the geniuses at BANES.

  2. Don't want those delivery vans holding up traffic, what, what.