Thursday 11 January 2018

BBC Cycling Controversy Tracker 2018

This post exists to track coverage of cycling on BBC, with special focus on regional services seeking controversy.

As has been covered by Peter Walker, the BBC has a problem with cycling. In particular, regional radio talk shows like to use the topic for dial-in audiences the way the regional papers do it for click bait commenters.

If you look at Peter's coverage, it implies that the BBC is actually getting worse.

  • The BBC: still getting it wrong on cycling coverage (Nov 2014)
  • The BBC has a problem with cyclists, and it doesn't want to talk about it (July 2015)
  • Why does the BBC feel it’s OK to demonise cyclists? (November 2017)

We are getting to the point where the difference between the BBC and LBC cycling is more on regional accents than the content or themes for dial-in and in-studio audiences.

Jan 4: BBC Radio Kent:
BBC Radio Kent. A history there, with topics like "Should cyclists be banned in cities?" designed to stir up click, and "Do we need more rules for cyclists?" (2012)

BBC Radio Kent managed to beat even BBC Ulster for getting the first article in, though we can expect them to not only get in their themselves, but go to such extremes it gets close to being a hate crime.

Jan 11: BBC Points West
Less vilificaton, but still on a theme of "is the cyclist in the wrong?", rather than, say "if you wonder why so few people cycle round Bristol, it's because they are expected to cycle with HGVs".
Not radio, probably not even on TV. Just local-paper-class controversy-bait.

Jan 28: Storm Huntley, Intermittent CBBC presenter, Twitter.

The Cliche'd "Tour de France, Tour de Hospital!" attempt at wittiness. If she thought she was being original, she wasn't.

Update: tweet deleted. Here is the original post

This on a week three teenage boys were killed by speeding Audi driver —clearly threatening people trying to cycle home alive matters more.

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