Saturday 2 April 2011

Old Filton Road

We'll cover this more over time, but here is a video from Yangtse55:

People will look at this and say "oh, this is the usual half-arsed cycle lane put in by some idiot". But it is more than that. It is a road that was closed to through traffic, and re-opened with a half-arsed cycle lane, due to councillor pressure.

For a year this was a nice road. No need for a cycle lane. Cars had the A4174 ring-road, this was the quiet alternative. Yet the need to provide a rural rat-run forced the road to be reopened and this piece of shite-cycling-facility to be rolled out. The cycle team probably worked hard to produce the least mediocre design they could given the constraints, but the key constraint was this "re-open the road to cars".

That was the mistake, and the blame goes above the cycle team. No, this lies at the Councillor level.

Bwian, was this your idea?


  1. Yeah, not the best road for cycling - I'm not sure what is more hazardous, going down there or crossing the M32 if you choose the ring road route. Anyway, concealed entrances are a pain but Highway Code rule 154 provides the appropriate advice for motorists AND cyclists.

  2. Don't like this cycle lane? Why not try the "shared use path" opposite (cunningly disguised as a narrow pavement with the odd cycle sign painted on it) kindly provided by the council when they reopened the road.

  3. Shawn, that's a one-way cycle pavement, and you should know better to even think of cycling eastwards on it. There is a big sign at the UWE end telling you not to cycle on the pavement away from UWE.